Sunday, May 24

Closer Than a Brother?

“If you give me that piece of candy, I’ll be your best friend!!!” Remember on the playground, when friendship could be bartered for something as simple as the Little Debbie in your lunch? Its funny to think about, but how much has really changed since then? I know quite a few people, but who do I consider to be my real friends? I know some people rank their friends in several categories, but I personally like to include anyone in this group who genuinely has an interest in my well-being (sounds like a broad scope, but its really not). Those who I know when all the cards are down, and I’ve got nothing left, will do whatever they can to encourage, support, and inspire me….and they can expect the same from me.

Much like a number of words in the English language, I think term friend is often thrown around carelessly. I believe friendship is a mutual agreement between two people. In this agreement the two parties have a certain level of respect or esteem for the other individual, and upon that base, the two can share almost anything understanding that the relationship is give and take for both sides…ideas, thoughts, plans, visions, and sometimes even financial means (although that can get sticky at times). As I’ve gotten older my true friends have stepped forward time and time again, and as I go through life I’ve begun to take an occasional inventory to evaluate my relationships. It seems like certain people in my life have filtered out after a season, while others have remained constant. It seems kind hard to put a finger on, but how do you really define a friend? Is it really fair to put friends into different categories? Can I consider someone a friend if the feeling is not mutual?


  1. You don't define friendship; it's not that complicated; friendship just is. It's fair to put friends into different categories b/c each friend serves a different purpose.

  2. I'm sorry; and maybe this is my own fault, but I assumed that the reader would already have a definition of the term friend. I'm sure you can look it up on I never said friendship is complicated, but merely stated my own definition of what a friend is to me. I did not mean to imply, by stating what some of my friends do, that the method of categorizing is wrong. I just choose to take a simpler approach.