Saturday, May 23

...And I Still Don't Get It?

“I thought I was the best thing since sliced bread…that was…until she told me I wasn’t. The only person I have to look out for is numero uno…right?!! Very wrong. How did she manage to get all twisted up into my thoughts, my plans, MY LIFE!!! I used to be good, but she makes me wanna be great; and once I hit greatness, I wanna be greater. To call her superwoman would be an understatement. She's just __________ (feel free to fill in the blank with anything you might associate with incredibleness).” -Anonymous

I’m a fairly reasonable person and I think A LOT, but try as I might; I can’t wrap my head around this thing called love. Its mind-bottling (when your thoughts get all bottled up inside your mind)…REALLY! How is it that even the most logical individual can toss their previously mentioned thoughts to the wind, because Mary or Tom makes them feel a certain way. I was talking about a situation with a friend a few days ago. My argument was that if a person knows there is a possibility they could get played, its his or her fault for being there when the inevitable happens. I’m an avid student of history, and I believe it holds valuable insights into the future. Of course, history can’t predict EVERYTHING, but I think you get my point? So, basically, she tells me that when you get emotions involved, reason has very little room to work. And further went on to say that loneliness can drive people to act completely on emotions without concern for the repercussions of their actions. The conversation ended shortly after. But I thought about it. I REALLY thought about it. I digested her words…and she was right. Where would love be if we really thought about all the risks associated with it? If we calculated each action along the way? Would there be less heartbreak? Probably…but at what cost?


  1. Love is a powerful and beautiful thing. Fear is powerful/beautiful. It sounds like you're trying to balance the two. But, you can't. You have to be fearless when it comes to love. For love to really work -- u can't be skeered.

  2. First of all...I ain't never "skeered!" This post was put forth in the context of a discussion. Not my own personal situation. I agree with you. But you can't go falling in love with everyone. There must be some happy medium between logic and emotion to help determine what risks are worth taking.