Tuesday, September 14

Could You PLEASE Pardon The Interruption?

Kanye West has apologized time and time again to Taylor Swift for his antics at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Last year we saw what many considered to be an "epic fail" in entertainment history when West snatched the coveted moon man from Swift, and discredited her worthiness of the award.

Granted, Yeezy's actions were far more dramatic than anything most of us would dare to do ourselves...but how long is he going to have to keep apologizing until we validate his sincerity.

It often amazes me how our society can so easily regard celebrities as being insusceptible to error. We [the fans] take these normal people, elevate them above ourselves, and when they make mistakes...chew up and spit them out.

Who are we to expect more of others than we would of ourselves? To criticize individuals we don't even know, while holding grudges that were never really ours to bear?

If anyone were to look at your life, would you expect them to pardon the interruptions? And after how many apologies?