Monday, July 19

Will There Ever Be Another Mike?

The greatest basketball player of all time has spoken. "Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James." If he'd had the opportunity to join Magic Johnson and Larry Bird on a team, he wouldn't have left the Chicago Bulls (unlike LeBron leaving the Cavaliers).

So, who wins from the loss of Cleveland's hometown boy? Some say Dwayne [Wade], others argue LeBron-having the new-found possibility of a championship ring, while still others might even say Kobe (with his Lakers possibly losing the moniker, "the team everybody loves to hate"). Well, we can all agree who the loser is...Cleveland.

The debate has continued since the closing seconds of the 1998 NBA Finals...who's going to fill the void in basketball that Michael Jordan left behind?

The frontrunners: Kobe and LeBron. With his continued loyalty to the LA Lakers unbroken, has Kobe edged out a lead in the battle to be "like Mike?"

Sunday, July 18

I believe in what?

Much like many Americans, I've sometimes taken the privilege of growing up in this country for granted.

While eating some Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough the other day, I reflected on how amazing it is that two men could build a multi-million dollar empire making something as simple as ice cream. As I proceeded to log on to my laptop, I recalled a Harvard student developing a software who made it simpler for me to use my computer. I hopped on facebook...well, I think you can see where I'm going.

So, is capitalism about everyone becoming millionaires?...of course not! The more important question to ask is what motivation is driving our pursuits. What would make any of us want to become a millionaires?

I believe the most beautiful thing about this country is that we, as Americans, have the opportunity to innovate, develop, and create our destiny. Although various factors may contribute to-or hinder-our success, our story is a blank page for us to write.

I've found the most successful people did not pursue wealth but happiness, and whether your working as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or at the drive-thru window serving food at McDonald's, your happiness is all that matters.

Sunday, July 11

Are You Comfortable?

I know I haven't written for some time, and if you missed me...please forgive me. I haven't been myself for a while. See...I've been a little uncomfortable. Actually...I think that's an understatement.

I'm slowly adjusting to the fact that I am no longer a permanent resident of my comfort zone. Sometimes, much like now...change can feel terrible. I'm employed. I have a roof over my head. I have food in my fridge (well...juice, water, a couple loaves of bread). Basically, I have whatever I could need, except for my friends and associates. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful...for the most part.

I am uncomfortable.

A year ago I wrote Could You Please Check Yourself, challenging people who were discontented with their present location, and I must say that I have had to check myself. I chose to come into this circumstance, and I am a firm believer that I am here for a reason...but why?!!!

Actually, I have a pretty good idea why, and I think a big part is because of the dependence I have on the company of others. Not to imply, by any means, that I cannot function on my own...but I enjoy the perks of various connections within my network. The admiration of others when I can pull strings, or have access to things normally not accessible to an outsider. Unfortunately, I now stand as the outsider.

Maybe, as I have gotten slightly older, I've outgrown the need to develop the particular networks which once granted me access to exclusivity, but honestly as I look at the life I once led, it seems trivial in comparison to the greater things in store for me...or maybe I'm just too lazy to put forth the effort. Whatever the case, my scope has become narrowed. Focused. Sharpened.

As I look forward to what's in store, I look forward to the discomfort. I am confident that the uneasy situations will only hone me in to the target I'm really looking to achieve.

So, tell me...are you comfortable?