Monday, July 19

Will There Ever Be Another Mike?

The greatest basketball player of all time has spoken. "Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James." If he'd had the opportunity to join Magic Johnson and Larry Bird on a team, he wouldn't have left the Chicago Bulls (unlike LeBron leaving the Cavaliers).

So, who wins from the loss of Cleveland's hometown boy? Some say Dwayne [Wade], others argue LeBron-having the new-found possibility of a championship ring, while still others might even say Kobe (with his Lakers possibly losing the moniker, "the team everybody loves to hate"). Well, we can all agree who the loser is...Cleveland.

The debate has continued since the closing seconds of the 1998 NBA Finals...who's going to fill the void in basketball that Michael Jordan left behind?

The frontrunners: Kobe and LeBron. With his continued loyalty to the LA Lakers unbroken, has Kobe edged out a lead in the battle to be "like Mike?"

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