Friday, July 24

Where Do I Begin?

Time and time again, I come across numerous blog posts or notes regarding relationships. I understand why this is such a hot topic, especially among my peers; but it seems that the most important person is often left out of these No, I'm not talking about JD Pennywise!! I'm referring to us (myself included), and how we often jump into relationships when we're all kind of screwed up with expectations that another person is going to solve our problems. It's funny to me how we sometimes take on the responsibilities of a relationship long before we're ready. What's up with the rush? Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute, or go bungee jumping without a cord? Then why set yourself up for failure when it comes to something as important as your relationship?

See, men and women are different, and I think our differences are a beautiful thing; but if a man or a woman can't act right, can you really blame that on the entire gender?

Don't get me wrong, I think the discussions on relationships are great, and they provide some valuable insight; but sometimes the solution was right here all along.

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