Tuesday, July 14

You know who you are...or do you?

I remember the first time we met
Okay maybe not the VERY first time
But I do remember when I met you the second time around
And it was different…

I couldn’t put my finger on it
But it was as if all these years I hadn’t really known you
I hadn’t really seen you, I hadn’t really…
Well, you know

I couldn’t help but admire your smile
The way you looked into my eyes like…
Like you saw something in me that no one else could see
It was as if you saw…me

And as I got to know more about you
I wanted to open myself up to you more
I wanted to take you on a journey through my mind
Through the good, the ugly, and the bad

As I pulled you in deeper, you followed
We passed through the crust, and down into the depths
I told you my secrets…my innermost thoughts
I stood before you naked...


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