Monday, November 16

What's Your Motivation?

A very close friend of mine works for a certain retailer. For the sake of discussion, let's call the his employer Orange Dictatorship. The founder and former president of the conglomerate passed away not too long ago. In commemoration of his legacy, the company provided employees with red wristbands (not unlike those made popular by the LIVEstrong campaign); one of which I saw my friend wearing the other day. Imprinted on the band was the mantra of the former executive, "Do what you love." My friend stated the irony in that truly doing what he loved did not consist of a long term career within the organization. He said, although he respected the simplicity of the statement, he felt it was lacking within its own context. He stated that its much more effective to love what you're doing. He proceeded to break down his thoughts on how contentment is more likely to be derived from loving what one does versus doing what one loves. I find it amazing that my friend would utilize so much time to consider something as minute as a wristband. Regardless of his trivial observations, his statement has resounded with me.

The more I've contemplated, the more I've come to agree with my friend. So, I pose the question, is it more effective to love what you do, or do what you love?


  1. I agree the difference in wording is so small but the connotation is huge! I would have never thought about it in that manner. Simply, loving what you do has an air of complaceny. You don't mind doing it, and you've grown to love it. Doing what you love means you are CHOOSING your destiny. I prefer to Do what I love. Great post!

  2. Isn't the difference between doing what you love and loving what you do the difference between greatness and mediocrity?